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  • Emily Baines

A fictional rambling on anxiety and the need for honesty.

“Can I ask you a question?”

She got a nod in response as their green gaze crashed into her own.

“Am I worthy?” She said in a small voice turning her face away.

And with that she jumped from the cliff towards the crashing waves below. Wind rushed past her ears, grazing her skin as it tried to save her. The salt spray coated her skin in a refreshing slime, the cold tingling every nerve. It dampened her clothes, weighing her down and speeding up her decent to the bottom.

Birds circled in anticipation, flying from their safe nests in the cliff. There was a pounding though the air as though a drum counted down every millisecond of her fall.

The sea below was rising up to meet her, stretching either to cushion her fall or drain whatever was left.

“Yes.” They said remaking the contact of their eyes.

Her heartbeat returned to normal as the doubt and fear fled from her mind.

She smiled up at the world and continued down the road.

Maybe she could fly.

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