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Trees copeland no background final edit.

“The integrity of the overprocessed thought” 2020

Wood, paper, photography
135 x 208 x 68 cm
225 x 219 x 73 cm

“The reaching of recalled memory” 2019

Cardboard, paper, photography, steel stand

250 x 20 x 20cm

Totem final Edit 2.jpg
Memories edited final 2.jpg

“The exposure of memory” 2019

Lightbulb, paper, photography various

100 x 100 x 30 cm

“The exposure of memory, series (ITEM 1)” 2019

Lightbulb, paper, photography
various 75 x 50 x 30 cm

final edited memories 2.jpg
Final Edited wings copeland.jpg

“The ripples of flight” 2020

Kitchen cupboard draws, copper rod

110 x 88 x 14 cm

“The room of my view” 2019
Wood, tacs, vinyl, lighting gels, spraypaint

200 x 200 x 100 cm

final edit of box 2.jpg
Toilet chair final Edit.png

“The view from where I sit” 2019
chair, foam, material, toilet seat, thermochromic screen printing ink

80 x 53 x 45 cm

“Derek, my anxiety” 2018

 80 x 53 x 45 cm

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